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Vixily Solar Camping Lantern

Vixily Solar Camping Lantern

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Our most popular model for both indoor and outdoor use is the 2-in-1 Solar Camping Lantern. The warm white light from this 2-in-1 phone charger and solar lantern is ideal for dining on the patio or making your next camping trip extra comfy.


There's enough of light for group activities like dining on the patio or lighting up the family tent, with a maximum brightness of 130 Lumens. Reading, outside dining, camping, and RV's are all good options.

Phone charging:

It can be used to charge phones, lights, cameras, and even your tablet! Compatible with iPhone and Android devices
Charging Ports: USB-A (compatible with USB-C through an adapter)


Color: White with a warm glow (2600-3600K)

Phone Charging? Yes 2000mAh

battery Runtime: 50 Hours

Brightness: 130 Lumens

Weight: 131g

Package includes: 1 Vixily Solar Camping Lantern

Life: 2+ Years

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