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Massage Gun | muscle massage gun | percussion massager

Massage Gun | muscle massage gun | percussion massager

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Precise deep-tissue massage 

The high-precision structure does not deviate from the pressure point during the massage, with 10mm amplitude operating at 55ppm (percussions per minute), which makes the massage more comfortable and effective. Ideal for releasing sore muscles and a soothing massage after a workout, sports, or intense activity. Just pull the trigger to experience relief faster than ever.

High-end compact design

Our best affordable massage gun is perfect for accelerated heating, reduction of pain and muscle stiffness & strengthening of muscle performance with different modalities to provide what your body needs. The modern, sleek silicon design is perfect for display in public for pre-workout warmup or post-workout recovery in the shortest time possible.

Durable and fall resistant

The ergonomic, durable design translates the weight more effectively during massages for maximum relief. The dynamic balance makes it stable during operation, comfortable to grip, and resilient even after a fall, so you would only find the powerful impact on your tissues, not the gun.

Multipurpose Different speed and massage settings for your needs

The massage gun comes with 30 massage settings for a coordinated and gentler touch to help your muscles recover after a leg day or cardio. The grip's LCD touchscreen makes it easy to switch between modes. Turn it on and choose from 1 of the 30 settings to massage knots, knots, tightness, and sore muscles without the fear of penetrating too deep or causing pain.

Brushless motor for targeted impact

Our massage gun comes with a professional brushless motor for quiet and efficient massage therapy. Yes! It's quieter than your toothbrush. High-speed brushless motors produce maximum force to penetrate deep muscle tissue to quickly release muscle tension and relieve muscle soreness.


Brushless High Torque Motor

The Massage Gun's 12mm–16mm amplitude and 55ppm (percussions per minute) allow you to reach deeper into muscle and soft tissue. Deep tissue massage with a percussion massage gun improves muscular contraction, resulting in muscle strengthening. Making massage treatment a part of your daily and post-workout routine is an excellent method to reduce muscle tension.

High-Quality Design and Comfortable Silica Gel Grip

The handheld Percussion Massage Gun weighs only 2.2 lbs. It is portable and has an ergonomic, non-slip silicone handle that is easy to hold. built with premium quality. It feels very solid without being heavy. The comfortable grip makes it easy to use and well-balanced.

LCD Touch Display
Offers an easy-to-use LCD touch panel with accurate speed and battery life displays. Checking the battery charge level and adjusting the speed are both very convenient. Press the power button to start the operation and change the speed level from 1 to 30 in just one touch.

30 Adjustable speed Setting
With 30 adjustable speeds, you can provide any intensity of massage that you require at the moment. Using speeds 1–5, you can relax your muscles. Speed 6-10 is the best for gentle massage. With the next set of speeds, 11–15, you can achieve deep relaxation in different parts of your body. Levels 16-20 are the best for releasing lactic acid, which causes soreness in your body. 21-30 is usually the best for professional athletes.

High Capacity Lithium battery
An advanced noise reduction system and a quiet brushless high-torque motor bring powerful impact while experiencing a quiet massage session. The low dB performance is almost noise-free. So, you can enjoy it without disturbing others, whether it is in a gym, at home, or at work.

With 8 interchangeable heads, you can easily reach any group of muscles in your body, such as your back, shoulders, neck, and feet. A massage gun with various attachments and adjustable speeds is suitable for professional athletes as well as regular people. Massage Gun comes with a portable carrying case, so you can take it anywhere you go. 

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