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Luxury Wedge Pillow - Headboard Pillow - Backrest Pillow - Daybed Pillow

Luxury Wedge Pillow - Headboard Pillow - Backrest Pillow - Daybed Pillow

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Experience ultimate comfort and support for your back and upper body with our ergonomically designed wedge pillow. This versatile pillow not only ensures maximum relaxation in bed but also provides exceptional comfort on the couch or sofa.

Key Benefits

Alleviate Back & Neck Pain: Don't let discomfort ruin your relaxation time! Our wedge pillow, designed as a supportive backrest pillow, is here to help. Whether you're engrossed in a lengthy Netflix binge or simply unwinding, this pillow reduces strain on your back and neck, ensuring a pain-free experience.

The Perfect Headboard Alternative: Say goodbye to uncomfortable headboards! Our wedge pillow serves as an excellent alternative, providing maximum support and comfort for your back. Simply place the pillow against your existing headboard or wall, kick back, and experience unparalleled comfort.

Easy To Clean: Keeping your luxury headboard pillow fresh and clean is a breeze. Thanks to its removable machine-washable cover, you can effortlessly maintain its cleanliness.

Perfect for All Bed Types: Whether you have a single, double, king, or queen size bed, our versatile wedge pillow is the perfect fit for you. Enjoy its exceptional comfort and support regardless of your bed size.

Keep Your Phone Within Reach: No more frustrating moments of your phone falling off the bed! Our backrest pillow features a convenient side pocket where you can keep your phone, ensuring it remains within easy reach while you relax.

Experience unrivaled comfort and support with our wedge pillow. Relax and enjoy a pain-free and comfortable experience, whether you're in bed or on the couch/sofa.

 Size Conversion
Bed Size Recommended Wedge Pillow Size
Single/Twin Small
Full Medium
Queen Medium
Cal King Large
King Large


We guarantee this will be the most comfortable addition to your bedroom or living space. Ideal for those lengthy Netflix binges or those cozy nights in on the sofa. 

Easy to remove. thick & durable machine washable cover. 

Sizing: Length x Height x Width

Small - (100cm x 50cm x 20cm) (39' x 19.6' x 7')

Medium - (150cm x 50cm x 20cm) (59' x 19.6' x 7')

Large - (200cm x 50cm x 20cm) (78' x 19.6' x 7')


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