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Lonas - Bohemian Silver Sun and Moon Earrings

Lonas - Bohemian Silver Sun and Moon Earrings

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With our latest piece of jewelry, get ready to stand out in a room full of people and their boring, old jewelry pieces. Our Bohemian Silver Sun and Moon Earrings are the latest earrings everyone is raving about! No longer would anyone blend into the crowd, as these earrings are made to be shown off! 

  • Super Stylish. In case no one has told you yet, mismatched earrings are the latest trend. These antiqued silver sun and moon earrings are all you need to make a fashion statement!
  • Embossed. The earrings boast lovely embossed patterns which add to their delicate form and exquisiteness. 
  • High Quality. Make of the finest metal alloy, these earrings are resistant to water in small quantities. That is not all, do not mistake their delicate form for their fragility, as they are made to last! 
  • Statement Piece. If you wish to make your dull outfit pop, or for your everyday dress to stand out, then our Bohemian Earrings are just what you’ve been looking for!
  • Perfect Gift. If not for yourself, these earrings will make the perfect present for the women in your life, for any and every occasion!

Make this mandatory addition to your jewelry collection, and get yourself a pair of Lonas Earrings now!

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